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About Us

Riser Foundation was created from the passionate heart of Barbara L. Riser and her piercing desire to impact the lives of women and youth in need within our diverse communities both locally and globally. ​We identify problems within our communities and strive to be an integral part of offering solutions. As we engage, enhance, educate, and empower, we demonstrate kindness by assisting individuals and families. We are committed and determined to make a difference that will affect current and future generations.  

As CEO/President of Riser Foundation, Barbara L. Riser has over twenty years of experience in serving diverse communities.  Her personal mission statement states her intent "to fulfill purpose by empowering and helping youth to pursue knowledge and to think outside of the box; to encourage women to dig deeper within themselves and to transcend to excellence reaching their greatest potential.” Along with dedication to community service and assisting individuals to rise beyond today’s challenges, Barbara’s academic resume also includes a Master of Divinity from Azusa Pacific Seminary.  Despite her extensive list of degrees and awards, Barbara’s heart is focused on serving diverse communities to engage, enhance, educate, and empower women and youth to "Be A RISER."

Barbara L. Riser

CEO / President

Our Goals:      

   Engage | Enhance | Educate | Empower

Our Mission

Mission Statement: 

Riser Foundation is an extension of kindness which offers seminars, workshops and helpful resources in order to engage, enhance, educate and empower women and youth of diverse communities and globally. 


Vision Statement:

To inspire women and youth to rise beyond current challenges in life in order to reach their highest potential to fulfill their purposes. To offer solutions to daily challenges faced by those in need through helpful resources, workshops and seminars. To help restore, build and fortify individuals, families, communities and other non-profit organizations. To make an impact and make a difference!

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